Finally ... an easy-to-use report writer & query tool for multi-value data

mvQuery's easy drag-and-drop action and user-friendly features give everyone in the office the ability to build multi-value data into reports, spreadsheets, charts, labels, and much more.

In addition, mvQuery comes with ready-made form reports such as invoices, letters and orders, so you can extract the data you need into the form you want in less time than it takes to ask a programmer to do it.

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Use mvQuery for 30 days, risk free. Dazzle your clients with professional forms. Impress your boss with polished on-the-fly reports. There are so many ways to use mvQuery, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.
What's New? A look at the new features and updates that are available in the release of mvQuery 7.
Features List A quick online look at mvQuery's features, as well as links to System Requirements, Product Specs, Pricing and Mini-Tour.
Overview A printer-friendly overview of mvQuery's features, functionality and architecture.
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Single User
(Site License)
Print Server Edition
Enables one or more users to connect to the database.
Discounted price for 15 or more users.
Reports can be written into a separate application that call a predefined report/query from the server.

mvQuery connects to the database using UniObjects.


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