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  • Queries are built using simple drag and drop technology
  • Support for "Phrases" (locally defined groups of fields, sort & selection criteria
  • Support for "Joins" (references remote fields without the need for building dictionary items)
  • Queries can be saved for future use
  • Retrieved data is displayed in a spreadsheet or table, and can be manipulated to automatically generate extra columns based upon fields, calculations and formulae
  • Field associations are retained
  • Calculations using meta-columns on the result-set take account of multi-values.
  • Report designer utilizes multi-values
  • Option to retain multi-values when exporting
  • Word mail-merge will utilize multi-values (e.g., in the address line)
  • Dictionary builder for create/amending host based items (subject to security settings)
  • Support for exploded selections; support for indices
  • Multivalue-aware break-point support in the result set and report designer
  • Options for sample runs and prompt levels
  • Retrieve parser for converting TCL statements

WYSIWYG Report Designer
  • Various reports can be generated automatically:
    • Standard Column Report
    • Combination Report for controlling multi-values
    • Form Report
    • Mailing Labels
    • Disk labels & charts
  • Fonts, alignment, print areas, etc., can be adjusted within the Report Designer
  • Experts and Function Builders guide the user through complex Dictionary Item creation
  • Data can be copied to the Clipboard and pasted into a variety of delimited formats, such as MS Acess
  • Support for multi-section reports
  • New report header, report footer, record header, record footer and value line sections
  • Support for complex multi-value break point management and break headers
  • Optional sections dependent on the data
  • Labels and Forms (both US & UK Avery label support)
  • Full Print Preview
  • Graphics and Barcode Support
  • Report serialization


  • More advanced users (System Administrators) can create standard system wide queries that can be used by multiple users.
  • A shortcut can be created on users' desktops that, when clicked, will run, display or print a number of standard reports
  • "Favorites" networked or a local collection of stored query definitions can be organized into catalogs
  • The System Manager controls user access with a Windows-based Administration client. This allows creation of reporting accounts, restriction of files and items per user within the account as well as maintaining audit trails.
  • mvQuery can use "database" select lists as well as powerful database programs or paragraphs which can run before and after a query to either populate a work-file or create a select list.

Exporting to Office Applications

  • Flexible Export Library
  • Published export definition (allowing you to develop in-house exports)
  • Support for:
    • MS Word mail merge
    • MS Word document
    • MS Excel
    • MS Access 2000
    • Delimited file
    • HTML
    • HTML page set
    • XML
  • When exporting choice of Normal (MV), Compressed and Expanded Value Modes
Offline Operation
  • Create off-line queries complete with result, report and query definition
  • Send report output to colleagues for offline viewing
  • View offline reports in a browser
  • Automation and Batch Control
  • OLE Automation interface for full product control
  • Enhanced script language

Multiple Data Sources

  • Native UniVerse & Unidata drivers via telnet, login and specific socket ports
  • UniObjects support for both UniVerse and Unidata.

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