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mvQuery is available in three editions:

  • Standard Edition (create new queries and reports, and store for later use)
  • Reporting Edition (run existing queries and reports, but not amend them)
  • Print Server Edition (integrate mvQuery reporting with legacy applications)

Each of theses is separately licensed at the server with a unique authorization code.

Installing mvQuery

mvQuery is a client/server product that interfaces to a number of multi-valued database types. The installation for mvQuery therefore typically includes installing a client and a server component.

Installing the Transport

If you are using mvQuery with either a Universe or a Unidate server, we recommend you use UniObjects as the transport. This can be supplied by your database vendor and should be installed on any PC running mvQuery prior to installing mvQuery.

Installing mvQuery Standard or Reporting Edition

You should install either the Standard or Reporting Edition of mvQuery on a specific PC, but not both. mvQuery Standard or Reporting Edition must be installed separately on each PC that will be running mvQuery. These can be installed directly from the installation menus.

Installing mvQuery Print Server Edition

The Print Server Edition acts as a dedicated print server processing requests submitted from a legacy application. The Print Server is installed on a separate, usually dedicated PC and does not require installation on the PC's of the users of the application.

The Print Sever Edition uses a local copy of mvQuery Standard Edition, installed on the same PC. It does not consume an mvQuery Standard Edition License. Installing the Print Server Edition is therefore a three step process.

  • Install the transport, if required
  • Install a copy of mvQuery Standard Edition
  • Install the mvQuery Print Server Edition

Installing the mvQuery Server

mvQuery is available with a number of database drivers to allow mvQuery to interact with a different database type. Each driver may contain its own server installation instructions. Installation instructions are included in the Installation documentation for:

  • mvQuery Server (Universe)
  • mvQuery Server (Unidata)

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