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Downloads - Latest Version: 7.3.21

*You may download and install any of the following mvQuery software versions, but you must have a valid authorization code for each edition of the software. If you have misplaced your machines authorization code or are upgrading to Version 7 please contact us.
Details Download Documents
Server Install
The myQuery Server Install files are necessary for all mvQuery products to function. The mvQuery Server provides the back-end software that runs on servers to communicate with all other mvQuery products. Latest Version:
mvQuery Server ~5MB
InstallationGuide -PDF
Standard Edition(SE)
The mvQuery Standard Edition is aimed at developers, power users and operational users who are tasked with creating new reports or data extractions from a multivalue database. mvQuery Standard Edition provides all of the tools necessary to work with multivalued data, a powerful report designer, and an export library, in addition to scripting and result processing tools. Latest Version
mvQuery ~55.8MB
Print Server(PSE)
The mvQuery Print Server Edition makes available the reports and exports designed using the Standard Edition for use in applications and for volume processing. The Print Server Edition is a multi-process concurrent server providing scalable performance and a simple API for driving query operations directly out of the database. Latest Version:
mvQuery PSE ~50MB
Report Edition(RE)
The mvQuery Reporting Edition is aimed at operational users who are tasked with generating reports or data extractions from a multivalue database. It uses saved queries created from mvQuery Standard Edition to generate data. Latest Version:
mvQuery RE ~55MB
Web Server(WSE)
The mvQuery Web Server Edition allows delivery of your reports view the web! Latest Version:
mvQuery WSE ~55MB


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