> System Administration

This course is designed to provide system administrators the knowledge to configure, install and manage the system requirements of mvQuery. Training takes place at our training facility in Plymouth, Massachusetts (for on-site training, please contact us).

Duration: 1 Day


  • Overview of mvQuery
  • The mvQuery Server
  • Reporting Accounts
  • Using mvQuery
  • Automating the Connections
  • Using the DDE Interface
  • Troubleshooting
Skills Provided
  • Understand the mvQuery Architecture
  • Installation of mvQuery Clients
  • Installation of mvQuery Server
  • Understand the Network Requirements
  • Configure a Reporting Account
  • Administer User Access to Files
  • Use a Script to Automate mvQuery
  • Use mvQuery as a DDE Data Service
  • Knowledge of multi-value databases (specifically U2 Databases UniData/UniVerse)


  • $395

Class Schedule

  • TBA

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